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May 10, 2013
Cherie Blair supports Jerusalem microfinance services
Her foundation supports a KIEDF program which provides over 100 women from marginalized communities with access to finance and business development networks.

January 10, 2013
The Jerusalem Post
KIEDF continues to assist small and medium businesses in Israel's periphery
KIEDF has facilitated 11,500 loans, $300,000,000 in credit supporting 50,000 new and existing jobs.

April 4, 2012
The Times of Israel

Helping small businesses make it big, via the magic of microfinancing
The Koret fund is the fuel for the engine of thousands of small businesses in Israel, providing small but crucial amounts for businesses that can’t get the money they need from banks.

March 15, 2012
The Marker

Banks Refrain from Providing Credit for Women's Businesses - Especially Arab Israeli Women (hebrew)

August 10, 2011

Boosting Israeli-Arab entrepreneurship through microloans
KIEDF has united with the San Francisco-based non-profit organization Kiva Microfunds in a groundbreaking venture aimed at helping Bedouin women of the Negev, Arab Israelis in northern Israel and other low-income sectors of Israeli society.

April, 2011

KIEDF, Bank Hapoalim open new microcredit loan fund
The new fund, the first of its kind in Israel, will provide loans of up to NIS 30,000 for microenterprise development. For more information, contact Maysa at 04-958-8440 or email

December 23, 2010
J Weekly

Kiva’s innovative microloans program expands to Israel
December 10, 2010
KEREN KORET and Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal offer special loans to businesses damaged by the Carmel fire (Acrobat (PDF) format) 

December 8, 2010 and KIEDF Partner to bring Online Microfinance to Israel
Kiva’s first and only partnership in Israel allows individuals to help bring economic stability to the region. (Acrobat (PDF) format)    View Partner Page

September 17, 2010
Yediot Aharonot

Getting Credit: KIEDF leads the way in microcredit
(Hebrew article, Acrobat format, Page 1 | 2 )

September, 2010
The Marker

Leading Israeli business magazine chooses KIEDF's Carl Kaplan among "101 People who Influence for Good"
List highlights business leaders and social entrepreneurs contributing to the improvement of Israeli society. (Acrobat (PDF) format)

April 27, 2010
The Jerusalem Post

The Business of Philanthropy
Jeff Farber, Koret Foundation CEO, believes it’s time Jewish philanthropy stopped operating like a charity.
(Reprint with photos in Acrobat (PDF) format)

March 24, 2010
The Marker (Hebrew)

New Arab Israeli Loan Fund Launched
Over 40 million Shekels in loans will be provided to the Arab Israeli business sector.

March 11, 2010
Channel 2 (hebrew with english subtitles)
Changing the lives of Beduin Women
Video field report from Israel's Negev desert on KIEDF's SAWA microcredit program.

March 08, 2010
The Marker (Hebrew)
KIEDF Program Director: Businesses led by women more likely to survive
Microenterprise Initiative Director Chagit Rubinstein says women take fewer risks, so chances of survival for a woman-led small business are greater.

January 08, 2010
The Jerusalem Post
NIS 600m. fund launched to boost business in the periphery
The $162 million fund is dedicated to helping small- and medium-sized businesses located in the Negev and Gilboa.

May 11, 2010
Jewish Week
Micro Loans in Israel
In underserved communities that lack access to credit from banks — including the Bedouin, Israeli Arab and fervently Orthodox communities — a loan of a few thousand dollars can make a real difference.

January 5, 2010
KIEDF 2009 results released
Annual report shows sustained success in development and expansion of small and micro businesses.

July 07, 2009
From sheep dairies to shops
It's not always easy, but Israeli Chagit Rubinstein is determined to help Bedouin women living in the Negev raise their standards of living with a microfinance fund.

December 21, 2008
The Marker (Hebrew)
Koret expands small business assistance
Koret and Bank Otsar Hachayal respond to recession with expanded credit.

August 24, 2008
Taipei Times
Micro loans help Bedouin women break the mold
The Sawa program offers traditionally cloistered Bedouin women a rare chance to try their hand at small-time capitalism

August 21, 2008
VIDEO: Israel's Bedouins bid farewell to nomadic life
A handful of Israel's Negev Bedouins cling to life in the open air but most are now town dwellers. Life for Bedouin women has also changed.

January 8, 2008
KIEDF: First stop for small businesses in Israel
Laura Goldman reports on how California leisure suits were transformed into a boon for Israeli entrepreneurs

December 24, 2007
Peres Praises Koret
In a letter to Chairman Eival Gilady, Israel's President says Koret has made a "world of difference" in moving the country toward a free market economy
November 22, 2007
AACI aids would-be entrepreneurs
Haaretz reports on Koret's new partnership with the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel (AACI)

November 13, 2007
The Jerusalem Post
New Project funds Northern Development
The Jerusalem Post reports on the Koret-Milken initiative, the Galilee Finance Facility

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